Event Photography

Every year there are hundreds of large and small events but how do you actually document an event? What should be considered to provide the customer satisfied? To answer these questions, one must first ask what the customer wants to achieve with the event. When it comes to applying such a new product, or rather to improve the company's image? Generally almost all events have something in common. The sponsors and organizers want to be recognized in accordance with the documentation and in all the pictures. This raises the question of who and what you are shooting. We distinguish between:

  1. Sponsors
  2. Customers
  3. Agencies
  4. Press

Depending on the order the various points should be in mind:
Event photography for sponsors:
What is important and what should be in the picture?

  • The client's logo / branding should be recognizable on as many images as possible.
  • Take the initiative and reach out to people.
  • To avoid a sterile feel, the logo / branding are photographed in the context of human and emotional moments.
  • The aim is to reflect the brand values ​​and messages in the defined target group.

Event photography for customers:
What is important and what should be in the picture?

  • The product in use - the use of these should be obvious.
  • Photographed conceptual elements and their use.
  • Customer talking to VIPs, customers or employees.
  • Course of action / event.
  • Objective is the integration of the brand in an emotional environment for project documentation!

Event photography for agencies:
What is important and what should be in the picture?

  • The agency employees with and without customers.
  • Some activation modules.
  • Emotions, people, faces, action on the ground.
  • What is the focus of the event?
  • Details of Key Learning documentation.
  • Target: people must be clearly identifiable at different activities, logo must be clearly identifiable.

Press Photography:
What is important and what should be on the picture?

  • Logo subtly visible in the image.
  • No fake photos.
  • Activities with people and emotions.
  • The product and its benefits must be identifiable.
  • People can be used for the picture! They can emotionalize a picture as long as it's not faked.
  • Target: The picture should show the emotions of an event and make it feelable for the readers!