Travel Photography

Who wants to photograph other countries, cultures and people should keep a few things in mind. There are some rules that should be observed in this type of photography. In some countries people don't like to be photographed on the streets without asking for permission. In some regions the people react very angry beeing photographed without a permission! If you want to reflect the authentic street life you should take car of not to take the pictures openly. The reactions of people when they see a camera are unnatural and often faked. You should always keep in mind that you are dealing with people and if you behave always friendly and poite it will be much easier for you.
General tips:

  • Respect other cultures and rules of conduct.
  • Behave unobtrusive and polite.
  • Scan anyone who has explicitly something about it.
  • attempts to capture special moments

Photographic tips:

  • Smaller Aperture values ​​use (from 7.0).
  • Set the autofocus to focus single field.
  • With high shutter speeds work (from 1/125).
  • High focal lengths using (from 70mm).